Resale or Retail?
Can you tell the difference? Probably not! Todays resale shops look the same as mainstream retailers... except for one big difference they sell high quality goods at lower prices! The resale industry offers "Quality at a Savings!"
Fun Facts about Kid Stuff

  • Unlike most stores, At Kid Stuff in Dekalb,  your children are supposed to play with the toys.  We just ask to help clean up when your visit is over.
  • We  process thousands of items every month
  • Kid Stuff checks all items for safety before we purchase them, and monitors all recall notices daily.
  • There is a playroom/meet-up space that is FREE to use for your group.
  • Want to save even more money? You should Volunteer at Kid Stuff.
  • We host several Scrapbooking/Craft Nights.
  • Kid Stuff of Dekalb Illinois has over 4500sq ft. of great items on 2 floors. We are Alot bigger than we look from the street.   This makes Kid Stuff one of the LARGEST  Children's and Maternity Resale Shops in Illinois.
  • The number one response from visitors is, "WOW, I never realized you have such a huge selection of GREAT items."
  • The number two response from visitors is, "I didn't realize you had such a HUGE selection of Maternity items."